My character and abilities are components of being the best I can be and winning in the future. When you read about a successful coach, athlete, or a team that wins, you are reminded over and over that more than ability, they have character. I believe my abilities have led to my success in the past, and it is my character that will guarantee me success in the future.

Working together with my staff, players, management and administration has lead to global success and obtaining respect across cultural lines. This established form of multiculturalism that I created emphasizes that I am not working for them, nor are they working for me, but that we are all working together toward the common goal.

My success in coaching and multiculturalism are the results of my ability and character and ensuring success in the future. My abilities and character have earned a global reputation respected by my colleagues, my competition, and my current and former players.


  • David Benoit

    Coach David Benoit

    Coach David BenoitI want to thank you for your contribution and your extraordinary effort to the game of basketball!

    Many coaches that have coached overseas knows how tough it can be! I applaud you for your years you have put in Qatar basketball. You have a great understanding of the game, but I love the fact that you never stop being a student of the game! Keep growing and going forward because the game needs more solid people like you in it!

    Best of all Blessings to your family and you!

    Coach David Benoit
    Former NBA Player, Utah Jazz

  • Carl W. Nash

    Carl W. Nash

    Carl W. Nash"Coach Gardow is one of those coaches that really knows how to teach the game Coaching against him was always a challenge, as his team was always very well prepared. You could see the improvement of his teams over the long haul of the season and to me that's a sign of a good coach. Watching him and his players interact was something special as you could tell the amount of respect they had for him. You had to be ready for anything after a timeout because you knew he was coaching his team and not just talking to them. He installed a confidence in his team, and you could tell it by how they played.

    On a personal level, he has one of those personalities that people gravitate towards and reaches out to help anyone that needs it. He is a quality coach and even better person."

    Carl W. Nash
    NBA Scout, Los Angeles Clippers
    Professional Basketball Coach--CBA China

    Carl Nash bio

  • David Ingham

    During my two seasons of competition against Coach Gardow’s teams, I have found him be very knowledgeable, enthusiastic, with a very good understanding of the game of basketball. Coach Gardow is a sound teacher with the ability to gain the respect of his players due to his honest, hardworking approach. When coaching professionally and internationally, it vital to your teams success that you become adaptable. Adapting to culture, lifestyles and getting the best out of your local players is the key to success. Coach Gardow has shown in every season in Qatar that he can adapt his game plans and team systems during games, as well as throughout the long season to emphasize the strengths of his team with successful results. I would have no problem in recommending Coach Gardow to any basketball program that wants to move forward with a successful basketball coach and more importantly a great and positive human being.

    David Ingham
    Basketball Coach
    Phone: +61 410 456 916

  • Coach Kent Davsion

    "I met Coach Eric Gardow in Doha, Qatar and immediately saw his passion and knowledge for the game of basketball. I saw him coach 2 seasons in the pro league in Qatar and saw how organized and how well his Qatar Club teams were coached. He did an outstanding job of using the players that he had in positions to be successful. It didn't seem to matter what the others teams did to take away his best players, he came up with a scheme to get other players opportunities to help his team win. I always enjoyed talking basketball with him as I knew I would learn something from the conversation."

    Coach Kent Davsion
    Director of Basketball Operations
    University of Georgia - Bulldogs

  • Coach Gary Gaspard

    During my time as the Junior National Team Coach for Qatar Basketball and as an Assistant Coach for Eric Gardow, I had a chance to work with closely with a very special individual. From my personal experience working for and along side Coach Gardow, I witnessed a a leader who got the very best out of his players from good old fashion hard work. Coach Gardow's teams are always well prepared and focused on competition at all times. Coach E is one of the most dedicated coaches I have ever been around. He has an honest gift of understanding the game, his players, and he is a master communicator. My time spent with him was a gift that I will never forget. He is a winner and an extremely hard worker as well as being on my short list of great coaches.

    Coach Gary Gaspard
    e-mail: garygaspard@hotmail.com
    Club Basketball Coach
    Aleppo, Syria 2009-2010
    Associate Head Coach
    Canyon Boys Basketball
    CIF Champions/League 2008--2009

  • Brian M. Rowsom

    "Coach Eric Gardow is a very good basketball coach and even a better person! Having Coached against him professionally in Qatar, I personally experienced first hand the preparedness of his team. His teams always played well and together successfully in the playoffs. He has been the Head Coach of a National Team and that should tell you that ''Coach E'' knows what he is doing. Whenever a coach can take a really bad team and make them better, it really tells you something about the character and style of the person. I have enjoyed getting to know him as a colleague and as a friend and look forward to working with and/or against him again one day soon."

    Brian M. Rowsom
    Head Coach Oita Heat Devils
    Japan BJ League

  • Will Burgess

    My time working with Coach Eric Gardow was a tremendous experience for me. Coach E is a very respectful and highly knowledgeable coach and teacher. His ability to communicate to the players/staff and his systematic approach to the game of basketball is what makes him such a success. As the Strength and Conditioning coach, he was always respectful of my job and my role with the team. He allowed me to utilize all the time and resources I needed keeping our players prepared physically, so they would be healthy and able to play at the highest level possible. Off the court, I value my relationship with Eric because he is always accessible to me when I need feedback, input or just an ear. Above all, Eric Gardow is an outstanding person to whom I am grateful to have worked for.

    Coach Will Burgess
    e-mail: getexplosive@yahoo.com
    Head Sport Performance Coach
    Qatar Basketball Federation
    P.O. Box 45078--Doha, Qatar
    Skype IN:(205)383-2878-U.S.A.